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       The Faculty of Hispanic Language and Literature, one of the 12 Faculties in the School of Philosophy of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens,  was founded in 2009,  when the about 10 years old Faculty of the Italian and Spanish Languages and Literatures, with its separate Italian and Spanish programs, was divided into two independent Faculties. The Faculty members, as of end of 2010, consist of 8 full, associate and assistant professors and lectures.

       The Faculty of Hispanic Language and Literature is one of the seven other foreign language and literature, degree awarding, Faculties in our university. The other foreign language Faculties include the English Studies, French Studies, German Studies, Italian Language and Literature, Slavic Studies and Turkish and Modern Asiatic Studies.

      The Faculty of Hispanic Language and Literature during its 4 year, 8 semester undergraduate course curriculum, provides its students with a strong background in: language, linguistics, literature and culture of Spain and Latin America. Spanish is the language of instruction from the first year of studies onwards. For this reason, students entering the Faculty, after national entrance examinations, are expected to have intermediate level knowledge of Spanish language. In addition, undergraduate students are also required to take a limited number of courses from the other Faculties of the School of Philosophy, which use Greek as their language of instruction.

      The Faculty of Hispanic Language and Literature awards the undergraduate degree in Hispanic Language and Literature, equivalent to Bachelor of Arts.